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    My AVI/mp4/MOV file only imports audio with no video, or video with no audio. What's going on?

    These file types are a container. A container is basically a file shell that contains video and audio streams. The streams are in a compression standard, or codec. In order to be able to open an AVI, mp4, or MOV, the software needs to support the format (to open the container) AND the codec for the video and audio streams. If you attempt to open an AVI, mp4, or MOV that contains an unsupported stream, you may only see the audio import to the timeline without the video, or vice versa.

    If there are licensing issues with a certain codec or format, then we are not able to support it. However, here are a couple options you could try that may allow you to open and edit the media on the timeline.

    • You can transcode the file to a supported video format using a third-party utility. (NOTE: Sony Corporation does not endorse any particular utility.)
    • You can install the appropriate codec(s) if you know which ones are required. (NOTE: Separately installed codecs may or may not function with our software. Any software or codecs you install are at your own risk.)